OneLove Church | Small Groups
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Small Groups

Groups get together on a regular basis, sometimes in a home, at church, or even a golf course. They’re focused towards common interests, a specific topic or activity, or a particular demographic.


Groups empower the people of OneLove to build community and to foster spiritual growth. Whether you are in a sermon based group, a book study, or sharing a common interest, our groups are the place to make new friends and grow in your faith.


Here are our current groups:


Parents Group 

Every Sunday // 5:30pm @ OneLove Park
Eric & Kris Chun-Bedan

Empty Nester’s Group 

Every Sunday // 5:00pm in North Eugene
Danny & Christy Eudy
Everybody Group #1 – “Discerning the Voice of God”
Every Monday // 6:30pm in West Eugene
Kyle & Steph Wilson
Couple’s Group 
Every Tuesday// 6:30 pm in Central Springfield
Joe & Aliesha Tanner
Hiking Group
Every Tuesday// 6:00pm @ Various Locations
Jeff & Carrie Andreason + Eric &  Kim Wick
Everybody Group #2 – “30 Days to Understanding the Bible”
Every Wednesday// 6:30pm in Eugene
Jeff & Kristin Hoss
I’m Busy Group
Every Wednesday // 12:00 pm @ Various Restaurants
Eric Fuller
Golf Group
Every Thursday// 6:00 pm @ Various Courses
Norm Sturgill
Women’s Group 
Every Thursday // 6:00 pm @ Various Locations
Corina Turner
Men’s Breakfast Group 
Every Saturday// 8:00 am @ Various Restaurants
Chuck Moffatt

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