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Small Groups

Groups get together on a regular basis, sometimes in a home, at church, or even a golf course. They’re focused towards common interests, a specific topic or activity, or a particular demographic.


Groups empower the people of OneLove to build community and to foster spiritual growth. Whether you are in a sermon based group, a book study, or sharing a common interest, our groups are the place to make new friends and grow in your faith.


Here are our current groups:


Parents Group ::FULL:: – “Parental Guidance Required”

Every Sunday // 5:30pm in North Eugene
Joe & Aliesha Tanner
This group meets together every Sunday for dinner and fun. Kids  will have activities to keep them busy while you meet in your group with other parents of all ages.

High School Group – “Shaken”

Every Sunday // 5:30pm @ OneLove

Reyme Williams & Matt Shockley

Dig deeper into Scripture and learn to discuss and apply Sunday’s talks to your life with other teens. This group is exclusive to 9th-12th graders.

Everybody Group #1 – “Goliath Must Fall”
 Every Monday // 6:30pm in West Eugene
Chuck & Kam Moffatt
This Group is for anyone and everyone!  Make some new friends and learn how to overcome the biggest “giants” in your life.
Men’s Group – “The Case For Christ”
Every Tuesday// 7:00 pm in Central Springfield
Joe Tanner
 Meet up with OneLove guys each week to ask the tough questions about the Bible and faith.
 Young Adults Group – “The Forgotten God”
Every Tuesday// 6:30pm @ OneLove
Keegan Nolan
 This group is just for the 18-25 crowd. Meet for drinks and snacks + great conversations each week.
 Finacial Peace University ::FULL::
Every Tuesday// 6:30pm in North Eugene
Jeff & Carrie Andreason
 This Group is for anybody that would like to learn good principles of managing money and finances.  Whether you’re a millionaire, or you work for minimum wage, there has never been a better time for Financial Peace.

Women’s Group ::FULL:: – “Propel”

Every Wednesday // 6:30 pm in North Eugene 
Aliesha Tanner
Think of this Group as a “ladies night out”.  Make some friends and explore how to be the woman God created you to be.
 I’m Busy Group
Every Wednesday // 12:00 pm @ Various Restaurants
Eric Fuller

This is a great group for a packed schedule – you gotta eat sometime! Join us for some food and fun.

Everybody Group #2 ::FULL:: – “The Good Book”
Every Thursday// 6:30pm in North Eugene
Jason & Deena Welch
This Group is for anyone and everyone! Meet some cool new people and grow together as you dive deeper into the Bible.
 Couples Group ::FULL:: – “Love Sucks”
Every Thursday // 6:00 in Eugene
Jeremy & Rebekah Zollman

Dating, married, flirting couples…come join this group and meet some new people while you share a meal and have great discussion about our current series.


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